Our Story

Do you ever get an idea...well more of a feeling? Like, you get this idea but it just snowballs until you have so many ideas that it becomes a “holy crap I need to do this” kind of feeling? Enter: Me...ya girl Michaela...early 2021. I was full steam ahead on this business idea...Agápē Mercantile. My original plan was a trendy gift store and coffee bar with community at the center of it and a “Come as you are” vibe. This was my calling! Then life got super busy and my dream/calling got pushed to the wayside, as it has several times over the last decade or so. Well, around the end of April 2021, things calmed down a bit and I finally had a chance to take a deep breath and start actively pursuing the dream. BUT, I was paralyzed by this fear. Is this even what God wants me to do? What does he want this to look like? Where the frick do I even begin? So...I sat down with my journal and spent some time with the big guy upstairs. I asked him to speak to me...to show me if I’m on the right track. I looked at the verse of the day in my bible app and God was like “I gotchu gurl”. The verse was John 13:34-35. Love for community. Love for those around you. Love for one another. The verse is literally the definition of agápē. Message received. So now it begins. And as a community-centered business, y’all are along for the ride! Welcome aboard! Hold on tight!



Michaela Schaffer | Founder of Agápē Mercantile